Plush Sky Pillows Bedroom Accessories

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Plush Sky Pillows

Bring out the cute and childside of you with these Plush Sky Pillows that will perfectly complement your bed and couch. They come in four shapes: Cloud, Drop, Moon, Star in three great colors: White, Grey, and Pink. The next day you wake up, you feel refreshed and inspired. They are composed of cotton that will not fail to make you feel so homey. So, give yourself a pat in the back by availing these pillows you rarely find these days. While it's ideal for children, it also is amusing for adults in their private bedrooms and private spaces. Not only that they are eye-candies, they are very huggable too. Have fun and enjoy these cute, little, cuddlies.

Size: 31cm-50cm
Filling: PP Cotton
Theme: Animals & Nature