LED Lights Curtain Lamp

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Curtain LED Lights

Get yourself in the groove and have a great romantic mood with our LED Lights Curtain Lamp. 100% safe to use. It comes in different styles. For a minimalist approach, the warm white LED curtain lamp works best. For a perky and jolly personality, the multicolor is available. If you are looking for the neatest and coolest illuminance possible, you can have the cold white. Different dimensions are available too. No matter how wide your wall is, we can get that covered.  There are 3Mx1M, 3Mx2M, and 3Mx3M. Amp up the interior of your home and create the illusion that stars are within your reach. Power it up by connecting it to a USB wall brick.

Holiday: Christmas LED
Body Material: Silver wire
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Remote Control: yes
Voltage: 5V
Color: White, warm white, multi color
Features: Flashing , Dimmable
Powered: 5V 1A-2A USB powered
Size A: Width: 3m * Height: 1m
Size B: Width: 3m * Height: 2m
Size C: Width: 3m * Height: 3m