HD Microscope

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High Definition Microscope

Upgrade your microscope and make it digital. See real-time what is being magnified on the microscope through the computer in high-definition via USB connection. Hence, it allows simultaneous multi-viewer. Each package contains all the components that are necessary for the microscope to work. Each comes with three standard lenses that will be useful for your experiments. It's safe for kids to play around and to use to expose themselves to science. Pick the best one as each package comes with a different extra. With this apparatus, you can play around the magnification from 40x up to 2000x. 

Magnification Ratio: 40X - 2000X
Theory: Biological Microscope
Objective lens: 4X / 10X / 40X
Auxiliary lens: 2X
Zoom: 40X-2000X (40x 80x 100x 200x 250x 400x 500x 800x 1000x 2000x)
Power supply: 4.5V (3 AA batteries) or adapter power supply
Electronic eyepiece interface: USB